ACTA ARCHITETTURA manages all phases of design work and supervises construction work. Projects designed by ACTA ARCHITETTURA are developed in various stages so as to satisfy all our customers’ economic, functional and technical requirements. This detailed, step-by-step approach means that building schedules and costs can be kept under control; we also take into consideration aspects such as barrier-free designs, fire prevention, security, and paper work. ACTA ARCHITETTURA deals exclusively with design and supervision; it is not involved in the material execution of the work as it feels this is the only way to safeguard our customers’ interests. ACTA ARCHITETTURA is able to guarantee integrated architectural, engineering, structural and environmental design through coordinated project work and collaboration with the finest experts in fields ranging from damp proofing, to botany, structural consolidation and work safety, amongst others. The quality of ACTA ARCHITETTURA’s work adds value to property investment.

Partners in ACTA ARCHITETTURA are the architects Sandro Boccuccia and Maria Gabriella Pigozzi.


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