ACTA ARCHITETTURA makes full use of computer technology in architectural design work. Multi-licence software programmes connected via local and remote networks guarantee information exchange and content sharing. This approach to design work has been in practice since CAD technologies were first introduced in 1987. Ours was the first Italian firm of architects to appear on the Internet, in 1995. Computerisation, project supervision, and the use of the Internet allow the firm to work in partnership with other companies both in Italy and abroad. An example of this is the international partnership formed with the Zurich-based architect Flora Ruchat to renovate the buildings owned by the Swiss Confederation in Rome, which is carried out in compliance with international standards. To manage his projects ACTA ARCHITETTURA uses the management system ACTAGEST ISO9000.
ACTA ARCHITETTURA has inside an Area Software that develops and distibutes management software:
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